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Breeding on other lands End of Space Reaching Out Programmable Evolution The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh Planetary Decay Conflict Never Ends The Secret Man Made Armageddon Autopsy of the Damned


eye see This Will All Come To An End Death is Staring At Me Dead End Hell Is Your Choice Dark Sun Hands Of The Goat Broken Bite Mouth of Doom Missing

Black And White

Dead Heart This Sin Holding a Grudge Eclipsed It Stares Back descending into the unknown Planetary Decay Jeffwolf They Once Lived Lift


powerless to power Beyond Cure We Breed Monsters Get Hooked Imbrue of prophecy The Creation of Chaos Blink Internal Conflict Time Encroaching Tied


Transending Thoughts powerless to power Kneel Away Your Power Spark of Emotional Progress Earth Gives Back Bring Calm to Chaos The Secret Tapped into Obscurity This World Burns By Our Hands One Percent


Peering into the... Impetus Immense Understanding graphite Tri Sending Just the Thought Impetus Graphite Silence is Golden


Ass Up  endowment of the feminin Silence is Golden Action Ceased, Emotions Continue As I Become Open Wide Be Good

Death Metal

The Knowing powerless to power This Will All Come To An End The Sacrifice Beyond Cure Breeding on other lands My Turn Transending Thoughts These Pigs Have Taken Over This Cant Be Real


Ur not alone Thought Causing Potential Peering into the... Her Power is Within Ancestral Intuition The Look Into I Reaching Out Impetus Immense Understanding graphite End of Space


This Will All Come To An End Thought Causing Potential The Look Into I Speaking Lies About The Truth Her Power is Within unseen sights Ass Up Taken Out she will destroy Bring Calm to Chaos


Discretion Of The Impure The Sacrifice Breeding on other lands Gored-Explored This Cant Be Real Bathed in Deprivation sculpted in sufferance Zombies Mankind Dismissed Eating The Stench


Standing Still Thoughts Proceeding The Sacrifice Beyond Cure Breeding on other lands Her Power is Within Dead Heart This Cant Be Real this isn't me... Embedded Into A World Of Pain Holding a Grudge


this isn't me... Hell Is Your Choice Ass Up Taken Out she will destroy These Evils Must Leave Me Taken The Touch Remains Display the Sins at Hand They Just Laid Down I Took Over


Embedded Into A World Of Pain Gored-Explored Bring Calm to Chaos Tribal Massacre Look Behind To See What is Holding You Back. Viewing Your Creation From the Liquids of a bleeding Sabbath Stuck The Touch Remains

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